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I just have been on the road all week. No access to internet for my compiter, with only my smartphone to comunicate with. I have had the chance to take many photos in the three state region over the last two weeks, but I still need to select and edit the ones I want to post.

I should have some time and internet access this weekend.

Till then, my best to you all!
Well, I have been very busy of late. :franticwave: both with work and getting photos in new locations.

Lets see, in the last week I have been across the state a couple of times to Idaho, and south to near the Oregon/California boarder. One day I logged over 500 miles. On my first return trip on Saturday from Idaho, I got stuck for a while in the I-90 Snoqualmie pass (elevation 3022 feet/921 meters) during our first snowstorm of the season. It's snowing. Nothing bad, I just had some issues with chaining up the tires for traction. Issues have now been resolved by getting easier chains to put on the tires. Chain But for a bit I was wet, cold, and miserable. I was still able to get some photos (I hope to have them up soon).

I saw the turkey in Medford, Oregon, again. Turkey More photos to post as I get some time. More sunrise, clouds, nature, and fungi, Also. Oh yeah, there will be yurts (gars) in the mix.

I hope to have some of the photos processed and posted soon! Nod 

Till then, my best to all! Emoticon: Bow 
So I added some new folders to sort out my latest photo adventures.

Nadaka Nature Park…

Deschutes River…

Steelhead Falls…

Columbia River Gorge…

PS Ogden State Park…

As always, enjoy! :salute: 
A couple of days ago I was driving a company truck along a highway in Oregon. It was not to long after sunrise and I noticed a hot air balloon up ahead of me. A cool sight, but because I was driving on a two lane highway I did not have a spot to stop and pull out my camera, oh well. But as I was watching the balloon I noticed that it was descending, right to what looked like would be an impact on the highway right in front of me. I saw the burners go off a couple of times, but it was still descending. But wait, it looked like it was now going to land in the field to the side of the highway now. I passed by the spot, unharmed, and the balloon was lost from sight in my rear view mirrors. I still do not know if the landed there, or were able to find a softer place to land.

I do wonder how I would have had to explain to the insurance company how a balloon hit a truck! =P (Razz)   
It will probably be my last for awhile. Training is finishing up and I will be working solo, rather then being with a trainer. I did have some down time each week where I could check out some of the local sites, but now it is back up to Washington State to take the final tests and to be issued my gear and a company vehicle.

So for this last trip I treated myself to a leisurely morning hike down to Steelhead Falls today. I arrived in plenty of time to set up to take shots of the falls every few minutes while it was going from shadowed to being illuminated by the sun as it cleared the edge of the gorge. And, of course, I took to/in between/and coming back photos; all told I almost filled both memory cards in the camera (1,160 images). I was taking multiple shoots, but I WILL NOT be inundating you on DA with more the a hundred or so from today. I shot a lot of the area with the thought of stuff for my stock site here on DA. Things like multi-views of rock formations, and canyon vistas.

So, all told, I had a nice five and a half hour hike. :D (Big Grin)

So, once I get in the grove of my new job, I should be back on DA more frequently. Yeah! :happybounce:

I might get some more photos uploaded tonight or tomorrow, we will see.

Till later! :TipOfTheHat: 

Down to 10% battery on my computer, so I will have to go off line for now. I have to get ready to hit the road in a bit, anyway.

I hope you all enjoyed today's photo dump,

Till later!
Well, the Internet has been intermittent here. I tried to upload some photos, but it keeps crashing. Maybe when I get to another spot with Internet I can get them on DA.

Today I did get a chance to do a hike into the canyon again, but not all the way to Steelhead Falls. This time I had my hydration pack, and the cool rag for my neck that my lady gave me. I also did not push myself like the the last time I was out here. I was able to get some nice views and other photos before heading back. Some will be put up on my stock site, once they are edited and I can get a better Internet connection. I can imagine that there is a need for canyon, rock formation, and other geology stock images.

Today it was canyon vistas, rock formations, lizards, and wildflowers. I hope to get them and my other back log of photos up here on DA in the next week or so.

At least I can still access DA through my smartphone phone.

Till later!
Well I had a chance to answer messages and comments, but I have to go get some sleep. I have to drive across Washington to be in Idaho late tomorrow morning.

I have also posted some of the photos of the places I have had a chance to visit. More to come, but not tonight. I am not sure when I will have the internet again, but I am hoping it will be soon.

Till then, I still have some connectivity to DA through my smartphone.

Good night to all!  
Note to self, a three mile hike as the  crowd flies is a lot longer when you are hiking up and down canyon trails.

I have some down time, so I decided to hike from a trailhead down to Steelhead Falls on the Deschutes River in Oregon. It is not too far from where I am staying at the moment, so I wanted to get some exploring and photography in. Had fun, but I should have planned better. I ended up a little dehydrated and may have a sunburn. :(

I am doing better now that I have been drinking water. I am in the shade with my feet proped up and enjoying the breeze on my friends back porch.

Training is going well, and I will be back into it tomorrow, but for now I am just enjoying the day!

I have a backlog of photos to upload from the last few weeks. I will try to get them up, and catch up on the comments when I have a better Internet access other then my smartphone.

Till then!
Well, where has the week gone? I am in Idaho at the moment, but expect to be back in Washington State tomorrow. So far my travels have been to Oregon, Washington State, and this side track to Idaho. Well, I am learning a bit, but I am busy, busy, busy! l am still alive, and doing well. From time to time I get a chance to check in here at DA, and I will respond to notes and comments as I can. Due to my travels I mostly do it through my smartphone, but when I get a chance to set up my laptop I have more photos to up load.

I hope you all are doing well!

Till later!
Well I have a half a day left to my orientation, then it is on the road again. I am still not sure where my next stop will be, but I do have my camera, and I will be taking photos. I walked a few miles to and back from a park yesterday. Good excises, and I was able to capture several images on the way, and in the park. The hotel internet is putting a limit on how fast and how many I can upload, so they will be up as I can manage it. But no worries, I do have a external hard-drive I will be saving to from my camera card.

I will continue to comment, reply, and post as I can; but I am not sure what the future will bring in internet connectivity (my last hotel was really slow!). I will still have some access through my smart phone, but it is more limited then through my laptop.

So, till later!  
Starting tomorrow I will be on semi-hiatus due to being out of state for my new career. First my orientation, then on to my internship. I am not sure where I will be traveling during my internship, so my full access to the internet and DA may be limited. I will still have some limited access through my smartphone, but I may not have the time to be on for very long.

I am sorry that I will be missing some birthday wishes, but I will try to keep up with comments as I can.

My camera will be with me this time, but I may not be able to do much in uploads until I am back at home. But I am sure I will have some new photographic opportunities while I am away from home.

My best to all of you, and I should be back in full in a few weeks. 
I am able to go out with my Nikon D7000 once again. So comfortable in the hand after a month away.

So today I shot some flowers at a friends house, and then went to hike around Lake Padden for some more photography. I will stat loading the photos in a few minutes.

Enjoy! :) (Smile) 
After a 12 1/2 hour bus trip I arrived back home last night. My three weeks of training have been successfully completed and soon I will be going out of state to do my orientation and internship.

Thank you all for you Faves and messages, I am working my way through them as I can. Training was intense, so I was not able to be on DA much in the last three weeks.  
Completed the second week of training, still busy with studying. I have an active week coming up, so I will still be off line for at least another week.

When I can, I will be catching up on comments, but for now I just don't have the time or good Internet hookup.

My best to all of you!
I pulled out my spare laptop to get all the up-dates done before I leave, but it won't boot up! :( (Sad) It is the smaller of my two laptops and I wanted to take it with me. Well, I don't have time to get it fixed or replaced, even if I could afford it, so I am stuck taking my remaining laptop. :| (Blank Stare) 

Well my friends and watchers, I will be going on a semi hiatus for the next few weeks. I will be away, training for my new career. I will be doing a lot of studying when I am not in class, and I am not sure how much time I will be able to be online; let alone if there is any internet connections at the training facility. I will still have some access through my smart phone, but it will be limited. :( (Sad) 

I do plan to de-stress with some photography. Camera Right now I am planning on taking my Canon S5 IS and my Nikon L20. My Nikon D7000 will probably be left home, due to my not knowing how secure the rooms are at the training facility.

Once I complete the training, and hopefully hired, I may well be on the job and on the road immediately. Like I said before, it will be kind of like being in the Navy again. My lady and I have discussed it, and even though I will be away from home for days at a time, it will be a good career move. I will be working in a field that is chronically short of trained people. Once I have done my time, I can choose to either stay with the company, or go with another company. But that is in the future. The chickens have yet to hatched yet.Chicken Dance 

I am not looking forward to being away from home, but it will be a start of a new chapter in my life; a new adventure. Link Emote It has been to long since I have spent any time away from B’ham and family.

On the plus side, I will have new vistas and other things to photograph! And maybe chances to meet some of you face to face. As I settle into my new job I may mention when and where I will be to see if anyone is interested, and has the time, to meet with me. Nod 

Well, I catch my bus on Sunday. I still have to do my final sorting and packing tomorrow, not to mention saying my goodbyes.

Good night to you all. :TipOfTheHat:   
I visited a friend that collects, works, and sells rocks and stone. I had a chance to get some photos of his collection, work, garden, and his daughters pet salamander. I hope you all enjoy!
I had quite a few this year! I got a virtual sugar high Dancing dragon XD on all the cake emoticons I received with all the well wishes! :D (Big Grin)

And a special thank you to Charles and Candi for the gifts of cake badges! Please go and check out their galleries! Nod

My birthday was great in that I did not have to work and my lady took me out to lunch. Afterwards we went shopping with the gift cards we had received for our anniversary and my birthday. It was fun spending time with my lady, time to ourselves! :D (Big Grin) A good day, all and all. :) (Smile)

It is now Memorial Day here in the USA, and I send my well wishes and thank you to all of my brothers and sisters, past and present, that have served in the military. I know the sacrifices that we and our families made to keep the civilians safe, even if most people will never understand. I salute you!    
Well, I am coming up on the mid-fifties. And not too long ago my lady and I celebrated our thirtieth anniversary. We beat the odds as we were married while I was in the Navy. Military/police/firefighters all have a high divorce rate due to the stress and separation of the job. My advice to anyone is this, be friends first and always with your partner, your spouse.  

And on to changes: I have completed my last full time shift with my current employer. I will be off to training for a new career early next month. It will be a big change for me, and will involve traveling out of state; both for the training, and for the job. While I liked my current job, the pay from the last few years was not keeping up with the cost of living. That and the contract will be up for bid next year. I have the ability to make the transition to the new career at this time, rather than being forced to find any employment that could pay the bills if we lose the contract. This new career is in a field that is chronically short of trained people, and is in a growth trend. My lady and I think it is a good move for me.

What it all means is this, my presence on DA will be smaller for a month or two. After that I hope to take advantage of my traveling to expand on my photography; new locations and subject matter. I just will not know where my travels will take me until I have completed my training and I am hired by my new employer.

The other thing is that I will not have much time to work in my shop, being on the road as I will be. And when I am home I will be adding to my income by working part time shifts at my current employer. I am trained on just about everything, so filling in will not be a problem for me. I am leaving on good terms with my current employer at the end of the month (I did give them 30 day’s notice), and they are very happy I am willing to still work for them part time. So, after I finish the training I will be on the road for about two weeks, and home for two weeks. Not to different from the shifts I have been doing for the last two years, except that I will not get to sleep in my own bed. In a way it will be like I am back in the Navy.

So now you know why I finally upgraded to a smart phone. I am not sure how well I will be able to use my lap top while I am on the road, so I wanted a smartphone to keep in touch.  

One last thing, I will not go to in depth on my jobs and employers. I have and will sign non-disclosure agreements in the future, so I am in the habit of saying very little about what I do and where I work. Truly, what I do and where I work are for the most part boring and no big deal; but...... I really don't want to get it trouble for talking about things I should not talk about. I have shared some details with some of you on DA, and I do appreciate your not mentioning things I ask you to not mention on here.

More updates to follow, and I may mention where I will be so that I get a chance to meet some of the people I know on DA in person. And maybe get some suggestions on local places to do some photography.